Turn Scary Sight-Reading Into Fun Halloween Activity!

Sight-reading is scary – right?

So why not turn it into a fun activity while sight-reading our scary Halloween tunes replacing the usual staff which, let’s face it, can be a bit boring?

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Student love video games?

These two little numbers will be a perfect fit! Both are digital and come with the added bonus of free play-along tracks. About grade 1-2 ABRSM level.

Students started in September?

How about putting your creative hat on and without fear take a leap towards playing a duet? … and wait … even a scary trio?  Our cute Cookie Jar Monsters will be a joy to play for three beginners at various levels – from a complete beginner to about grade 1 ABRSM. Student’s part in the Spooky Tower duet – will be sight-read bravely by any beginner. Both scores are digital!

Need some more of scary inspirations??

Happy to help! I truly believe that choosing the right kind of repertoire which resonates with our students will create the most important reaction – they will practise the piano without fear!

Tap the link below to see all Halloween tunes, including some eerie fairground sheet music, on the EVC Music website and have a great time playing the piano! 

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