‘Colour Helps’ Says Louise Ableman, Piano Teacher From UK, When Teaching ‘My Piano Trip To London’

‘Colour helped my four years old daughter Isobel to learn to play ‘London Calling’ with the correct fingers’, comments piano teacher Louise Ableman from the UK. “When my 4 year started showing an interest in the piano I painted her finger nails pink, purple, yellow for the left hand 2 3 4 and orange, blue, green […]

Piano Workshop at Yamaha Music Store, London

Free piano workshop at Yamaha Music Store in London will take place on the September 10th, Thursday. It will start at 11am and will finish at 13pm. Following the amazing success of our first in series free workshops last June, Melanie Spanswick and I could not wait to make an announcement about this second date! For […]

Super Duck Post Card Hand Drawn By A Student From Australia

It goes without saying that everybody loves receiving letters and I am no exception! Yesterday, I have received a fabulous drawing by a student from Australia EMMA HERBOLD who enjoys playing Higgledy Piggledy Jazz tunes. Emma decided to draw a picture of Super Duck and asked her teacher KSENIJA VOJISAVIJEVIC to send the image to me […]

Elena Cobb and Melanie Spanswick Workshop For Piano Teachers At Yamaha Music Store London

Fantastic event with audience participation will start at 11pm at the prestigious location in London – Yamaha Music Store. Composer and publisher Elena Cobb and author Melanie Spanswick are presenting a workshop and lecture on June 18th, and we will be supplying every audience member with a free copy of Higgledy Piggledy Jazz and So You Want To Play The Piano?  To […]

Elena Cobb At The Gibraltar Festival For Young Musicians

It goes without saying that music plays, (pun intended) a very important role in every child’s life and the Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians’ team, led by Cathy Batchelor and Anna Bensusan of Allegro Music Productions and supported by the Government of Gibraltar, have certainly achieved their goal in providing an important showcase for developing musical talent […]