Frequently asked questions

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How to order
  • Add to cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill in the details
  • Select method of payment
  • Agree to Terms & Conditions (there will be a box to click on)
  • Place Order
  • We deliver anywhere in the world.
Trade orders

For trade orders, email our distributor Alfred UK

How to download PDF & MP3 files

IMPORTANT: unless you have an App, always download to your desktop or laptop.

1. Complete your order with PayPal.
2. There are three ways to download your watermarked PDF scores and MP3:

A. After payment still in checkout:
click on the title (Ctrl+click) if on Mac > Save Link As >
B. From Order Received email:
Click on the title, the file will download to the bottom of your screen > Open > Print
C. In My Account:
Click on the title (Ctrl+click) if on Mac > Save Link As >
Screenshot Order Received  Order Received Screenshot My Account Screenshot

3. If you did not manage to complete the download, email with your order number and I will assist you.
4. Set your printer for the required paper size (A4 or the US paper size) and correct orientation.
5. Unless already installed, you will need a PDF Reader.
– free download for Mac
– free download for Windows

How to download MP3 to iPad

The best ways would be to get the iTunes app.

  1. Watch first video tutorial to learn how to use an app called File Manager by TapMedia Ltd and to download, organise and play MP3 audio files on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click  on the link to get the app > AnyTunePro, available form the App store, It is a a great app to save your MP3 files on your iPad.
  3. The video contains info of how to get the app FOR FREE for teachers.
  4. PLUS, watch second tutorial on how to change tempo of you MP3 tracks using the same app.
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Print one page before printing the entire score.
Contact us if need any advice, we respond to emails within 24 hours.
Keep in mind that we are the UK.

About paper sizes

Click on this link to go to the Adobe site where you will find instructions on how to resize the score so it fit the paper size that you are using.

Printer settings

You can also to change your printer settings to set it to ‘A4’ or to ‘US Letter’ or any similar instruction added by the printer manufacturer.

How to select currency

When you add the books to your cart, please select currency (right-hand sidebar) and proceed to checkout where you will see the shipping cost for the book/books.
NB Conversion rate may be slightly different every day and these prices are for guidance only. 

Shipping costs

Shipping cost is calculated according to the weight of your order and can change depending on how many books you wish to buy and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. We ship worldwide. 

About studio licence

Studio licence means that you may copy the sheet music for your students only. You may not share the scores with other teachers within the same studio.

About single-user licence

This type of licence is for one print use – no photocopying or re-print is permitted.

About hard copies licence