Start February Piano Lessons With New EVC Music

Mark Goddard’s piano solo FANTASIA AFTER BRAHMS (£1.99) for intermediate players (Gr 6-7 ABRSM level) is a musical treat to all who enjoys compositions in Romantic style. From soon to be released PIANO SOLOS 

Sam Wedgwood’s CAREFREE IN RIO toe-tapping piano duet (£1.99) for mid-elementary pianists (Gr 2-3 ABRSM) offers a first look at soon to be published collection of duets PIANO FOR TWO IN RIO

Elena Cobb’s new virtuoso composition TARANTELLA (£1.99) will be perfect for intermediate level pianists (Gr 6-7 ABRSM). RECITAL PIANO SOLOS Book 3 will be released later this year. 

Paul Birchall’s charming COUNTRY WALTZ (£2.50) has a great melody and two play-along tracks. Ideally suited for the intermediate level pianists of all ages.

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