All the Fun of the Fair for Piano by Lindsey Berwin

Released later this summer

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Contemporary Classical piano pieces suitable for Intermediate to Advanced level students to play in recitals, festivals, and exams. 

Each piece in this suite depicts a different fairground ride or stall. From the mystery of The Ghost Train and the thrill of The Roller Coaster, to the hilarity of The Dodgems and the relaxation of the Lazy Water Ride, enjoy an imaginary day out at the fair!

This begins with a slow, rubato 4-bar introduction, setting the scene for the ghostly journey! The left hand then establishes an ostinato pattern based on augmented 4ths, representing the movement of the train, while the right-hand mimics the sound of its whistle. The tension builds, until fortissimo chords herald the appearance of a frightening apparition! The train restarts twice more, the last time accelerating, until octaves, played presto, lead into a final terrifying encounter!

The 6/8 lilt at the start of this piece is intended to represent the movement of the Carousel as it gently turns. The ascending and descending nature of some of the phrases, and the changes in key and time signature, signify the rise and fall of the horses, as well as the carousel’s circular motion. The piece ends with a gradual diminuendo and a small ritenuto, denoting the ending of the ride.

ISBN 9781911359142
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