Recital Piano Solos Book 2


By Elena Cobb

This new collection by Elena Cobb presents four virtuoso piano pieces in the Romantic Style for Advanced Level. Filled with flamboyant octaves, cascading double notes, and delicate trills, they offer young pianists a great opportunity to show off their skills on stage and during examinations. Book 2 includes two brand-new pieces, the Débutante Grand Valse and the Peacock Grand Valse, as well as the Russian Bells Étude-Tableau that first appeared in International Piano Magazine in November 2016, and the Arabia Étude-Tableau that was released in 2014 and is frequently performed by young pianists at such venues as Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. In order to offer performers the best direction for their interpretation, the editors have given detailed instructions for pedaling, dynamics and articulation. Suggested fingering may be amended to suit the needs of the individual pianist.

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