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Elena Cobb composer    

Hugely enjoyable!, International Piano magazine, UK

My kids have just gone NUTS over your book Higgledy Piggledy!!!!, Sharon Dixon, piano teacher from Australia 

Elena Cobb is a classically trained and experienced pianist, teacher, composer, presenter and publisher and she believes that ’playing her music can have unexpected effects. Your students will actually start to practise!’ Elena gained her popularity with the bestselling book Higgledy Piggledy Jazz (2010) and she continues to impress her fans and followers with writing original music for the educational market. Works by Elena Cobb appeared on the pages of the Pianist and the International Piano magazines. She is particularly proud that her Internationally acclaimed piece Arabia Étude-Tableau, written in 2014, was performed at Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall by young virtuosos and more and more teachers around the world select this Romantic composition as a performance choice for their student performances at competitions and recitals. Today, after adding more titles to her ever-growing catalogue, Elena’s music is included in the examination Syllabus of the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire List. Educational pieces from her books are regularly used as choice pieces in the exams in Australia and New Zealand and are regularly performed in the festivals and competitions in the United States and Europe. The Elena Cobb Star Prize was introduced in 2015 when Elena began working with the British and International Federation of Festivals to increase participation in member festivals.

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