EVC Music at Carmel Klavier Competition 2018 USA

Elena Cobb Star Prize Star Prize at Carmel Klavier
I am delighted to tell you that for the second year running, the committee for the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition has selected piano works published by EVC Music for the programme and a great variety of piano pieces by our composers will be featured in the Contemporary Composers category.

Heather Hammond, UK
Irina Nenartovuh, USA
Andrew Higgins, UK

Donald Thomson, Scotland
Sam Wedgwood, Australia
Lindsey Berwin, UK

Cash prizes will be presented to the most outstanding performances of their works. Pieces by either composer may be used to enter the Contemporary Composers category (levels Elementary, Intermediate. & Advanced).
And the most exciting prize of all – the winners will be invited to perform at the Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in Spring 2019. Please email team@elenacobb.com for any questions and sign up for updates. For the Repertoire List, please click >

Meet EVC Music Composer Irina Nenartovich

Meet Composer Irina Nenartovich EVC Music

Meet composer Irina Nenartovich!

Irina was born in Sankt Petersburg and studied composition at the world-famous The Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory under Sergey Slonimsky. Her first composition, Gavotte, Irina wrote when she was only in the 7th Grade. Currently, Irina works and lives with her family in the United States.

In 2018, Irina’s piano pieces will be featured in the Elena Cobb Star Prize repertoire list for the Contemporary Composer category at the Carmel Klavier (USA) and Feurich International Piano (Vienna, Austria) competitions. 

Irina’s compositional style can be described as the Contemporary Classical. Her piano works possess some very unique qualities of musical expression of diatonic and chromatic technique, elements of folkloric style and neo-romantic music.


Sankt Petersburg. Photo Credit Lonely Planet

Sankt Petersburg

60-Second Interview With Composer Irina Nenartovich

Dogs or Cats?
2 Cats. I love dogs, but as a night owl, I can’t walk at 6 am!
Bach or Mozart?
Composing at the piano or in your head?
Mostly at the piano, but can do both.
How old were you when you had your first music lessons?
5 years old.
Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.
Favourite city?
I have two – Saint Peterburg and Jerusalem.
Facebook or Twitter?
Workout or night out?
Prefer night out but enjoy the workout too.
Tea or Coffee? 
Coffee and green tea (strong).

… and finally, the first collection with Irina Nenartovich piano works will be released in 2018.


Meet EVC Music Composer Heather Hammond

Meet EVC Music Composer Heather Hammond

EVC Music is growing and with so many new names, I decided to write a weekly feature introducing to you each composer and the music she or he writes.

All this week, I am offering up to 50% off on Heather’s music for piano, clarinet and flute. To order the books, click on the link >.

To my knowledge, Heather Hammond has never written a tune that is not filled with the innate sense of happiness, groove or a swing. Heather is a prolific British composer with over one hundred books in Jazz and Pop styles for different instruments released by the various publishers during the past decade. Many of her pieces are regularly included in the Syllabuses by the major exam boards. 

From 2017, Heather’s piano pieces are also featured in the Elena Cobb Star Prize repertoire list for the British & International Federation of Festivals and starting from 2018, her works will be included in the Contemporary Composer category in several prestigious International piano competitions too. Read more about it in the next Newsletter.

60 Seconds With Heather
Dogs or Cats?
Bach or Mozart?
Composing at the piano or in your head?
How old were you when you had your first music lessons?
8 years old
Morning person or night owl?
Favourite city?
Facebook or Twitter?
Workout or night out?
Night out
Tea or Coffee? 

… and now you know! 


Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Prestigious Feurich Competition Vienna 2018


I am delighted to share with you that piano works by various composers published by EVC Music are now included in the programme of the prestigious Feurich Competition 2018 in Vienna.

Elena Cobb Star Prize is a new and optional category for contemporary composers
Needless to say that as a publisher, I view this opportunity as a big honour and responsibility as historically, Vienna remains the centre of the European Classical music tradition and the opportunity for our compositions to be played in the settings of this great city fills me with pride. 
The winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize category will receive a cash prize and will be invited to perform at the Winners Recital at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2019. The date will be announced soon, please sign up> for the updates. 
If you are a teacher, parent or guardian who is interested in entering your student or child to take part, please click on the link> to discover the performance repertoire list selected by the organisers. 

Scottish Waters by Composer Donald Thomson Launch at Blackwell Bookshop Edinburgh

Donald Thomson Scottish Waters Launch EVC Music

EVC Music is delighted to announce that the third piano book by Donald Thomson Scottish Waters will be officially launched on October 14th at 2 pm in Blackwells Bookshop, South Bridge in Edinburgh. The composer will be performing all five pieces from his brand-new collection for piano as well as talking about the places which feature in the music.

The Scottish musician Donald Thomson is a talented composer. His inspiration comes from Scotland’s landscapes and seascapes, and his fans often describe his music ‘as a breath of a fresh air in the new educational repertoire’. The style of Thomson’s piano works is ‘Contemporary Scottish’ and the pieces in his three collections from the Celtic Piano Series –  A Borders Suite, A Hebrides Suite, and Scottish Waters – are all original compositions that are uncompromisingly steeped in the style and mood of traditional Scottish melodies: slow, lyrical ballads and quick, jaunty jigs and dances. Scottish Waters is available to order on our website at £7. To preview, listen to the piano works and to order please click here >.

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Recipients of the Elena Cobb Star Prize Awards at Carmel Klavier Piano Competition 2017

Carmel Klavier 2017

Many congratulations to the winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition 2017 in the United States and I am looking forward to welcoming you all at the Winners Recital at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 5th, 2018.

Minerva Cao (USA)
Deva Sengun (Germany)
Victor Perez (USA)
Jude Fradillada (USA)
Julian Rodriguez (Colombia)
Lauren Lo (USA)
Christina Peng (USA)

A heartfelt thank you to their piano teachers who worked tirelessly on preparing the programmes, also organisers of the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition 2017 and especially to Irina Gorin.