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EVC Music Release Presented at the United Nations in Geneva

Pervin Muradov (left), Pervin Muradov and Alisa Stoleshnikova (pianist).
A proud moment for EVC Music as the Piano Collection, book 1 by Jevdet Hajiyev view>, commissioned by Muradov Family Archive, was presented at the United Nations in Geneva on May 17th, 2017 and one copy of the book will be kept in the library of the UN.
Piano Ballade in g moll by famous the Azerbaijani composer was performed by the Russian pianist Alisa Stoleshnikova at the Award ceremony and closing concert by the winners of the 11th Adilia Alieva international Piano Competition (France – Switzerland) view > at the Palais des Nations view> organised by the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan view>.
The Piano Collection, book 1 is a compilation of several works by the composer and it was released to mark the centenary of Jevdet Hajiyev.
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Julian Saphir Piano Studio Concert Features EVC Music Composers

Julian Saphir PIano Studio Concert


Delighted to announce that a student concert organised by my dear colleague’s Julian Saphir Piano Studio will take place at Harrogate on June 10th. The programme will include piano pieces published by EVC Music exclusively. I am very proud of my talented team of composers Melanie Spanswick, Heather Hammond, Donald Thomson, Paul Birchall, and want to wish a very good luck to all the performers and especially to the organisers – thank you for liking our music!

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Winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize Announced

Elena Cobb STar Prize Winners EVC Music
The winners at Richmond upon Thames Music Festival 2017

A huge heartfelt congratulation to the current winners of the Elena Cobb Star Prize and a massive thank you to all who were involved in the events: performers, adjudicators, volunteers and support teams of family and friends,  you are all stars, thank you!

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Elena Cobb Star Prize at February’s Hazel Grove Festival, as nominated by Federation Adjudicator, Caroline Clemmow:

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Esta Shuttleworth, aged 11, playing ‘Polka Butterfly’.

The winners at Highbridge Festival of the Arts in March, as selected by Federation Adjudicator, Gillian Oswell:

‘My Piano Trip to London’ Beginners’ Class: Florence Pincott, aged 8, playing ‘Pirate Song’.

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Katie Redford, aged 9, playing ‘I Ate All the Chocolate’.

‘Blue River’ Advanced Class: prize shared between Sophie Newman, aged 13, playing ’Mrs Van Der Blond’ & Penny Sandford-Hughes, aged 16, playing ‘Blue River’.

The winner of the Star Prize at Cornwall Music Festival in March as selected by Federation Adjudicator Timothy Barratt:

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Amy Brigden, aged 13, playing ‘Nerdy Cat Twist’.

At Don Valley Festival in March, the winners of the Star Prize were chosen by Federation Adjudicator, Richard Deering:

‘My Piano Trip to London’ Beginners’ Class: Sam Barlow, aged 9, playing ‘Pirate Song’.

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Methnuli Rao, aged 9, playing ‘Take Three Jazz Waltz’.

At Richmond upon Thames in March, the Elena Cobb winners were chosen by Federation Adjudicator Susan Clark:

‘My Piano Trip to London’ Beginners’ Class: Pieter Wepener, aged 6, playing ‘Jingle Bells in London’.

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Nicolaas Wepener, aged 7, playing ‘I Ate All the Chocolate’.

‘Blue River’ Advanced Class: Mia Wepener, aged 9, playing ‘Star Dust’.

The winners at Perform in Perth were chosen by our Federation Adjudicator Liz Childs:

‘My Piano Trip to London’ Beginners’ Class: Lucy Robertson, aged 10, playing ‘Take the Tuba’ and ‘Morning at St Paul’s’.

‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ Intermediate Class: Archie Sloan, aged 12, playing ‘Peony Pink’.

‘Blue River’ Advanced Class: Ellie Ridley, aged 15, playing ‘Star Dust’.

Read more about Elena Cobb Star Prize, a new and exciting educational initiative here > 

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New Repertoire List For Elena Cobb Star Prize 2017 for The British & International Federation of Festivals


Joint Press Release, March 2017


Fantastic news, The British and International Federation of Festivals, EVC Music and, ABRSM are joining forces!

From 2017, Elena Cobb Star Prize will include a wide selection of music by modern British composers published by Elena Cobb (EVC Music Publications Ltd) and feature Piano Star books 1-3 published by the ABRSM in the Duet & Trios Class and Solo Class for Beginners to Intermediate levels.

There are still three classes available but the main difference is that Elena has decided to introduce a separate class for duets and trios.

  1. Duets & Trios: Beginners to Late Intermediate, up to Prep Test – Gr. 6 ABRSM level.
  2. Solo Class: Beginners to Early Intermediate level, up to Prep Test – Gr. 5 ABRSM level.
  3. Solo Class: intermediate to Advanced level, Gr. 6 – 8 ABRSM level.
    Please note that ABRSM grades are used for guidance.

All books by EVC Music and can be ordered from the publisher’s website or bought at your local music retailer – just ask your friendly shop keeper to order the books from Alfred Music UK (email unless the books are already on the shelves. Piano Star books 1-3 can be ordered from ABRSM’s website click here>> or bought at your local music retailer.

Digitally released piano sheet music and play-along tracks can be ordered on Once printed, digital pieces will carry a watermark providing a proof of purchase and licence with your order number.

Elena Cobb Star Prize is an innovative opportunity which is designed to increase participation at The British & International Federation of Festivals. To apply, or if you require any additional information, please contact Jazmine at Festivals House as soon as possible as funds will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please click here>> to view a full Elena Cobb Star Prize New Repertoire List.

The British Federation of Festivals
EVC Music Publications Ltd

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Improvisation Workshop at Forsyths Music Shop, Manchester

Recently, my colleague Andrew Higgins and I have presented a day of improvisational practical workshops at Forsyth Music Shop in Manchester and we were delighted to discover that even many self-taught adults were keen to try.

WATCH full recording (45 min) of my improvisation workshop.
Books featured:
PIANO ALIENS preview & order the book >>
IMPROV EXERCISES preview & order the book >>
HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY JAZZ preview & order the book >>

Piano Aliens for piano Elena Cobb
Higgledy Pigledy Jazz for piano by Elena Cobb Impov exerices for Piano by Elena Cobb

Improvisation has become a very popular topic of conversation among classically trained teachers and students and I am often asked whether it can be taught. As somehow who learned how to improvise and taught how to improvise how to improvise over twenty years my own students for and a variety of audiences in the workshops, I can confirm that one can learn this important skill and this is a note we have received from the staff at the Forsyths:

Dear Elena and Andrew,

Thank you so much for coming and delivering such well-received workshops yesterday — twice! Everyone we spoke with yesterday had a great time and left feeling as though improvisation was now within their grasp whereas before many hadn’t thought it possible. I even heard this morning from someone who didn’t come to the workshop but still appreciated the fruits of it.

I wasn’t able to make yesterday, but the rest of the family were there. Instead, I was treated to an evening of improvisation, so I know it was a great session! Elena Cobb EVC Music


Andrew Higgins has presented his workshop using his book SO YOU WANT TO IMPROVISE? available to order on my website, to preview & order click here >>.

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EVC Music at the MusicExpo London 2017 – Photo Report

For the fourth year, my publishing company EVC Music Publications Ltd was exhibiting at the Music and Drama Education Expo in London Olympia and, as always, it was a very busy two days of presentations, workshops, and book launches.

EVC Music Stand at the MusicExpo London 2017
Saying ‘HELLO!‘ – composer Heather Hammond, composer Donald Thomson, a guest from Germany teacher and educator Irina Mintz, composer Melanie Spanswick.
Elena Cobb Speednetworking MusicExpo 2017
Elena Cobb presenting a Speed Networking, the Art of Positive Self Promotion on Social Media workshop at the Rhinegold Theatre, MusicExpo Olympia 2017.
Elena Cobb Speednetworking MusicExpo 2017 Audience
Captive audience at the Speed Networking, the Art of Positive Self Promotion on Social Media, MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
Donald Thomson MusicExpo 2017
EVC Music composer Donald Thomson with soon to be released SCOTTISH WATERS from the PIANO CELTIC SERIES with the fan at the stand G8, MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
EVC Music Stand MusicEXpo 2017 Stand G8 at the MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
Friends of EVC Music MusicExpo 2017
Composer Donald Thomson, composer Andrew Higgins, Marina Petrov, composer Melanie Spanswick, Erica Worth (editor of the Pianist magazine with her team) at MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
Melanie Spanswick MusicExpo 2017
EVC Music composer Melanie Spanswick presenting her book PIANO MAGIC, MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
Jevdet Hajiyev Piano Collection Launch MusicExpo 2017
Elena Cobb and pianist Jelena Makarova at the launch of the PIANO COLLECTION by Jevdet Hajiyev commissioned by the Muradov Family Archive and published by EVC Music, MusicExpo 2017 Olympia London.
Elena Cobb Paul Harris MusicExpo Awards 2017
Elena Cobb with Paul Harris at the MusicExpo 2017 Awards at the Sheraton Grand London Hotel.
Elena Cobb Margherita Taylor and Rhinegold Executives
Margherita Taylor (Classic FM), Elena Cobb (EVC Music) and executives of the Rhinegold Publishing at the MusicExpo 2017 Awards at the Sheraton Grand London Hotel.
Elena Cobb Presenting Award MusicExpo 2017
Elena Cobb announcing Music Teacher Magazine Editor’s Choice Award at the MusicExpo 2017 Awards at the Sheraton Grand London Hotel.
Elena Cobb Rhinegold Team MusicExpo 2017
Elena Cobb with the Rhinegold Publishing team of Music Expo organisers at the MusicExpo 2017 Awards at the Sheraton Grand London Hotel.
Elena Cobb Alex Stevens MusicExpo 2017
Alex Stevens (editor of the Music Teacher Magazine) at the MusicExpo 2017 Awards at the Sheraton Grand London Hotel.