How To Work With Play-Along Tracks

Love play-along tracks, because it is much more fun than a metronome.  

Joy Morin, USA


Higgledy Piggledy Jazz Play-Along Digital TracksHiggledy Piggledy Jazz play-along tunes were created to help with the practice and to make it fun while learning tunes from the bestselling book for budding jazzers Higgledy Piggledy Jazz. All fourty tunes (four for each piece) were recorded by the professional Jazz musicians at the studio so you can have an enjoyable experience playing and performing with the sound of the real Jazz band!  Click on the link for previews and audio. Have a listen to these young performers playing with play-along tracks and a real Jazz band! Order play-along tracks click >

MP3 – 40 digital play-along tracks with live Jazz band recording
Four ways to practise:
~ in slow tempo with Jazz band
~ in fast tempo with Jazz band
~ in slow tempo with Jazz band and piano solo part
~ in fast tempo only with the Jazz band

Right Hand

1 Before you start, point out to your student that there will be a repeat: bars 1 – 15 and 28 – 39 and bars 17 – 27. Listen to the track 11 on your CD, or a digital play-along and follow the score.
2 Play only bars 1 – 15 and 28 – 39 with track 11, slow tempo with solo part.

3 Play only bars 17 – 27 with your right hand with the same track.

Left Hand

1 Draw your student’s attention to the left-hand part chords: C major, F major and G major.
2 Now only play chords in C major, leaving out the rest.

3 Play only chords in F major, leaving out the rest.
4 Play only chords in G major, leaving out the rest.
5 Play from beginning till the end.

When your student starts feeling confident enough, practise by following all the steps with the play-along track 21, Jazz band only – the student will need to be able to play without hearing piano part on the CD. And finally, play with the play-along track 31 in the fast tempo. 

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