EVC Music Piano Books at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference 2019

Mira Jakopanetz Irina Cherkasski

On 8 July, Mira Jakopanetz and Irina Cherkasski introduced audience of the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference 2019 to a selection of the contemporary classical piano recital repertoire by three living composers each representing one country:

Elena Cobb – United Kingdom, EVC Music

Sam Wedgwood – Australia, EVC Music

Alexander Peskanov, USA

Mira and Irina not only spoke about the music but also treated the delegates to the live performances from:

Piano Recital Solos Book 1 & 2 by Elena Cobb
Sam Wedgwood’s Project Books 1 & 2
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz for Piano, by Elena Cobb

By all accounts, it was a wonderful event and we are very grateful to Mira and Irina for their enthusiasm and support for the new piano repertoire!

Below are some photos which very kindly provided by the presenters.

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