EVC Music performance platform for EPTA UK

EPTA UK piano teachers and their students are cordially invited to take part at EVC Music Performance Platform for EPTA UK on 15 March, Sunday at the Baronial Hall at Chetham’s Music School in Manchester. 

The recital featuring piano works by EVC composers will begin at 2pm. The audience will also have an opportunity to hear composers talk about their work, inspirations and future plans. Students will receive certificates of participation.

Repertoire list

This repertoire list includes confirmed pupils and will be continuously updated with new entries.

1. Harry Raybould, 17 
Lozano Nights and Scherzo 
New York Nights by Philip Martin
Student of Petra Milarová
2. Alexander Anderson, 14
The Pirate Ship
All the Fun of the Fair by Lindsey Berwin
Student of Alla Levit
3. Arthur Anderson, 10
St. Mary’s Loch
Scottish Waters by Donald Thomson
Student of Alla Levit
4. Riccardo Santoleri, 11
Daily Expressions by Paul Birchall
Student of Murray McLachlan
5. Joseph Bulleyment, 11
Good Mood Boogie and Dudes Keep Struttin’
Grooves for piano Dudes by Heather Hammond
Student of Heather Hammond
6. Anna de Vries, 16
Renoir Prelude Nr.1 and Degas Prelude Nr.2 
Art Preludes by Graham Lynch
Student of Petra Milarová
7. Tom Williamson, 11
Gavotte and Song WIthout Words
Album for the Young by Irina Nenartovich
Student of Petra Milarová
8. Alex Dongo Muñoz, 17
Lavender Haze and Star Dust
Recital Piano Solos book 1 by Elena Cobb
Student of Petra Milarová
9. Amy Fry, 16
Russian Bells Etude Tableau and Peacock Grand Valse
Recital Piano Solos book 2 by Elena Cobb
Student of Petra Milarová
10. Joshua Lamb, 16
Preludes About Time by Mark Goddard
Student of Petra Milarová
11. Ariana Pethard, 14
Penguins and Albatros Etudes Tableaux
Birds Etudes Tableaux by Andrew Higgins
Student of Petra Milarová

How to select piano works?

Please tap the link to take a look, listen and preview our piano works. 

Berwin, Lindsey
Birchall, Paul
Cobb, Elena
Davies, Hywel
Goddard, Mark
Hammond, Heather
Higgins, Andrew
Lynch, Graham
Martin, Philip
Iles, Nikki
Nenartovich, Irina
Thomson, Donald
Spanswisck, Melanie
Vilcinska, Alexandra
Wedgwood, Sam
Wedgwood, Olly
Wedgwood, Pam 

EVC Music Performance Platform for EPTA UK Application Form 

If you have a student who might be interested, please fill in the form!

Have questions?

Please mail event organisers Elena Cobb at [email protected] or Kathryn Page [email protected] with any questions regarding the event.

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