Elena Cobb Star Prize

Elena Cobb Star Prize is a sponsorship platform with a vision to promote performance opportunities for music written by living composers published by EVC. It was first introduced in 2014 when Elena begun working with the UK and overseas music festivals. In 2015, it was included in the programmes of the British and International Federation of Festivals who were keen to increase participation in the members’ festivals. 

If you would like to take part in the programme, please email team@elenacobb.com for information.

Elena Cobb Winners Concert Albert Hall


British & International Federation of Festivals (BIFF)

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Berkshire Musical Festival, January 2017
The Hatfield and District Music Festival, February, March 2017
Cornwall Music Festival, March 2017
Don Valley Festival
, est. 1912, March 2017

Hazel Grow, February, March 2017
Perform in Perth, March 2017
Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival, March 2017
Perform in Dumfries,  March 2017
Oundle Festival of Music and Drama, April 2017
Blackburn Festival of Music, Speech and Drama, April, May, June 2017
Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts, May, October, November 2017


Don Valley Festival, est. 1912, March 2018
Tunbridge Wells Arts Festival, March 2018
Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival, March 2018


Feurich Competition Vienna 2018

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Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition USA 2018

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About Elena Cobb, Founder of the Star Prize

Elena Cobb composerUnlike many piano teachers who compose music, Elena Cobb figured out very early that it will be up to her to get it published and she raised herself by her own ability to be the most forward looking publisher on the market today. Starting with only one book Higgledy Piggledy Jazz for piano, within a few years she built a personal brand elenacobb.com that helped to give her new business a credibility it deserves.

EVC Music Publications Ltd (UK) founded by Elena Cobb is a relatively new publishing house with an objective to create a wide variety of inspirational piano repertoire for concerts, competitions and festivals for the new generation of virtuosi of all levels.

From August 2016, educational resources published by EVC Music Publications Ltd are being distributed by Alfred Music UK worldwide.

Piano works published by EVC are often performed at the International piano competitions and festivals in the UK, Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Asia as well as in the world-famous concert venues such as Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall London and the Royal Albert Hall.