Composer Nancy Litten joins EVC

Nancy Litten is a new EVC composer but she is already well-known as an adjudicator, examiner, pianist, writer, speaker and arranger. She has had 15 books published by Alfred UK and her pieces feature in ABRSM, Trinity College London and MTB publications and syllabuses.

And these are the first two pieces from her first collection for solo piano.

Nancy has enjoyed the travel entailed in her work, meeting a wide range of people, listening to local music-making and encapsulating her impressions in vivid photography.

She is very keen on plants and likes to catalogue them according to their Latin families. Her artistic gifts extend to drawing, and people are often surprised to be presented with a pencil portrait of themselves!

Robots Go Clubbing

Intermediate level

In Japan there are many kinds of robots; they guard buildings, do domestic chores, check you in at the hotel, and serve you tea in a cafe. Here I imagine them having time off to go clubbing. They chat jerkily while they move; the music is regular and repetitive like the cogs of a machine.

Bumpy Horse Trail

Intermediate level

Arizona is truly the Wild West. It is hot and dry from the dusty streets of Phoenix, to the ashy slopes of Sunset Crater, and the bright orange of the Painted Desert. Trekking on horseback in this terrain is not easy, but the rider whistles a jaunty tune as he bumps unevenly along.

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