Composer Mark Goddard Joins EVC Music

Mark Goddard EVC Music Composer

EVC Music has released a brand new book of six piano preludes ABOUT TIME  by composer Mark Goddard.

This collection is suitable for students at Grades 6-8 ABRSM levels. Tap the link to preview, listen and to order.

It was the discovery of three manuscripts in the attic, following a house move, that prompted composer Mark to rework and augment this series of pieces around the theme of time. Originally composed by him in the 1970s, Goddard has developed About Time into a highly anticipated debut collection of six piano preludes, in contemporary classical style, for pianists at Grades 6-8 level.

Whilst each of the preludes in this suite is distinct in character, they all share the composer’s trademark use of contrasting time signatures, pulsating rhythms and dramatic energy.

Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) and Momentum are both influenced by jazz and have lively Eastern European folk dance rhythms.

Momento Temporis (A Moment in Time) is tranquil and modal, with sonorous pedalling, whilst the harmonies in Perpetuum Mobile often employ familiar diatonic language and use chords based on the intervals of the second and fourth.

Tempus Rerum Imperator (Time, Commander of All Things) is a spiky, urgent and chromatic evocation of time running away with us while the final prelude, Ab Aeterno, (From Time Immemorial) is a dark evocation of eternity, with just one chord deployed in a series of mathematical progressions, using rhythmical diminution and augmentation to outline a journey.

Goddard, a former prize-winning composition student at the Royal Academy of Music, said of the pieces “We are all slaves to the passing of time, yet we are individually perfectly free to do as much or as little as we see fit, within its confines.”

These pieces, with their Latin names harking back to a different age, provide the more advanced pianist with a musically challenging and rewarding depiction of different attitudes towards time.


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