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Ballads Without Words

New edition features book 1 and 2 under one cover and includes two brand new pieces! These nineteen melodious educational piano pieces in Pop style for performances at student recitals, festivals, or exams.

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Exam books

EVC Music tunes in exam books

ABRSM Gr4: Shark Soup 

Shark Soup by Sam Wedgwood (ABRSM Grade 4 piano syllabus 2021-2022) is extremely playable. The detailed articulation and dynamics within a steady tempo and a very obvious genre is very helpful to the less experienced player.
Note Bene According to The Extended Glossary of Surfing Terms and Slang "Soup" is whitewater. Review by EPTA UK

Shark soup grade 4

Trinity Gr3: I'm Late!

A standout piece from the jazzy pieces is I’m Late! by Nikki Iles. Perfect for a concert, you can hear the words ‘I’m late’ within the music (the line from Alice in Wonderland said by the rabbit as he rushes around). What a super edition to the list! Review by EPTA UK

book grade 3

Trinity Gr3: Polka Butterfly

Special mention for the additional piece by Elena Cobb with her Polka Butterfly from Higgledy Piggledy Jazz which is such fun! During practice the tune can be performed with a play-along tracks too! Review by EPTA UK

polka grade 3

Rockschool Classical Piano:
Gr2: The Cheshire Cat

This blousy tune from Nikki Iles PIANO TALES FOR ALICE is now featured in RSL Awards Rockschool Classical Piano Syllabus.

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Rockschool Classical Piano:
Gr3: Lost Boys Blues

Another delightful tune from Nikki Iles and this time from her PIANO TALES FOR PETER PAN is now featured in RSL Awards Rockschool Classical Piano Syllabus.

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