Elena Cobb Paul Harris MusicExpo Awards 2017

Elena Cobb and the winner in the Best Music Education Project category Paul Harris at the Music and Drama Education Expo Awards 2017 in London.

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NEW Octave Tutorial for Creating Drama!

Piano Aliens for piano Elena Cobb
Watch this video and learn how to create an amazing transformation to a simple semibreve/whole notes in the left-hand part. 
I am using MILKY WAY from the Piano Aliens book for the Late Elementary level students of any age.

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NEWS! Arabia Étude-Tableau Presented in Moscow

Arabia Etude Tableau in Moscow
I am delighted to share the news that Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb was featured in the presentation by Svetlana Parshina in Sergey Prokofiev Music Scool in Moscow. Read more >

Budding jazzers will LOVE our piano sheet music!

Improv Exercises Elena Cobb EVC Music
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz piano by Elena Cobb
Grooves For Piano Dudes, by Heather Hammond EVC Muic
Pam & Olly Wedgwood Present A New Showstopper Piano Duet – At The Drop of A Hat!
My Piano Trip To London 2 Piano Trios for Beginners at Various Levels by Elena Cobb EVC Music

 Improvisation can be learned–and it can be taught.
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Playing our music can have unexpected effects. Your students will actually start to practise.

Elena Cobb, Modern day publisher



Elena Cobb Modern Day Publisher EVC Music

My kids have just gone NUTS over your book Higgledy Piggledy!!!!

Sharon Dixon, piano teacher from Australia


Elena Cobb Star Prize Click on the badge to read more about Elena Cobb Star Prize at The British International Federation and Elena Cobb.

Carmel Clavier Piano competition Elena Cobb Click on the badge to read more about Elena Cobb Star Prize at the Carmel Klavier International Piano competition in the USA.

Elena Cobb Music Included in the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire List 2015 Click on the badge to preview the PDF with Elena Cobb books on the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire List.


The quest for interesting and inspiring music is quickly accessible within these pages.
Hats off to Elena Cobb and others listed on these pages!

Deidre L. Smith, piano teacher from Canada