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Two most popular piano collections
by William Gillock

Recital Collection for piano
An extensive compilation of over 50 of William Gillock’s most popular and frequently performed recital pieces including: Fountain in the Rain * Valse Etude * Goldfish * Sonatine * Portrait of Paris * Sleighbells in the Snow * Sarabande * Arabesque Sentimentale * and more! Newly engraved and edited to celebrate Gillock’s centennial year.

Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style: 24 Short Piano Pieces in All Keys (Book & CD) Paperback – 1 Jan 2008
Like Chopin, Gillock wrote 24 preludes featuring all major and minor keys. The newly engraved 50th anniversary edition contains the composers original notes, and a CD.

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New York Nights by Philip Martin

New York Nights is a snappy, brilliant collection of jazz piano pieces depicting the excitement and colour of the “Big Apple” where Philip MArtin studied, lived and performed in the 1980’s and 90’s. One minute we are in the Latin quarter and the next we are transported to the hustle and bustle of 42nd Street. Art, people and places are often a springboard for much of my musical inspiration. 

Now featured in the International Piano magazine.


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Gargoyles, op. 29
by Lowell Liebermann

I. Presto
II. Adagio semplice, ma con molto rubato
III. Allegro moderato
IV. Presto feroce
A striking work calling for the full dynamic range of the piano. Commissioned by the Tcherepnin Society. Dedicated to Eric Himy. First performed on October 14th, 1989 at Alice Tully Hall in New York City by Eric Himy.
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Kapustin’s Variations op 41

Kapustin’s Op. 41 contains every conceivable jazz influence: He thus reminds us of Count Basie and Erroll Garner while using the classical form of variation, however. The rousing finale in particular is one of Kapustin’s most exciting compositions.


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Recital Ensemble Repertoire for Beginners

My Piano Trip To London Bundle of Superb Duets and Trios for Beginners


London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and every tune in this book was inspired by its distinguished landmarks, illustrious history and, not to forget, the famous English sense of humour.

1. My Piano Trip To London book 1 DUETS
2. My Piano Trip To London book 1 Digital play-along tracks
3. My Piano Trip To London book 2 TRIOS

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Budding Jazzer Collection

❤️🎹 Improv Exercises was my creative “lightbulb moment” when I worked full time as a piano teacher about seven years ago…

It became so successful that I was invited to present a workshop at the MusicExpo in 2014 which was ranked by the International Piano the top session that year. I brought my Jazz band with me and we had a blast! 

To get you started, I have put together these three fantastic resources:

1. Higgledy PIggledy Jazz book (10 tunes)
2. Improv Exercises for Classically Trained book
3. 40 Play-Along tracks MP3 for Higgledy Piggledy Jazz tunes – real Jazz band recording! 



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NEW! myths and legends

Myths and Legends by Donald Thomson EVC Music

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Myths and Legends portrays several places Scottish composer Donald Thomson regularly visits in the Scottish Borders, usually enjoying the twisty roads and spectacular scenery from the seat of his Triumph motorcycle.

We recommend Myths and Legends for the intermediate to advanced level pianists.

Myths and Legends is the fourth book by Donald Thomson from the Award Nominated Celtic Piano Series.


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new theory books

Ultimate Music Theory

An Impressive alternative for preparing students for college entrance exams and nationally recognised theory exams. It is a condensed edition of all LEVELS (1 – 8) of the UMT Supplemental Series by Glory St.Germain, Canada.

Complete Theory Book 256 pages
Complete Answers 256 pages

Complete Supplemental Workbook 214 pages
Complete Supplemental Workbook Answers 214 pages

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Piano Exam Syllabus by Trinity

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Piano Rockschool Exam Books

The essential syllabus for the aspiring, contemporary pianist. The books will provide you with everything you need for your exam, including a diverse range of repertoire, a truly innovative range of supporting tests and a vast array of professionally recorded backing tracks and audio examples.


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LCM Piano Exam Syllabus at EVC Music

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Piano Exam Syllabus

London College Of Music’s 2018-2020 Piano syllabus gives more choice to learners than ever before.


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Piano Exam Syllabus ABRSM

Piano Piece
SIght Reading
Scales & Arpeggios
Aural Test


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Jazz Piano Exam Syllabus ABRSM

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released or coming soon ...

Myths and Legends by Donald Thomson EVC Music
Sea Creatures by Hywel Davies EVC Music

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my piano trip to london series

Delightful Duets & Trios for Recitals

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world and every tune in this book was inspired by its distinguished landmarks, illustrious history and, not to forget, the famous English sense of humour.

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Irina Gorin
Author of Tales of a Musical Journey

My Piano Trip To London are wonderful duets for reinforcing correct execution of non legato and short slurs.

International Piano Magazine
September 2013

Star Dust: thoroughly recommended.

Piano Recital Repertoire

Recital Piano Solos
By Elena Cobb

Book 1 includes four slow lyrical pieces for intermediate level students of any age.

Book 2 presents four virtuoso piano pieces in the Romantic Style for Advanced Level. Filled with flamboyant octaves, cascading double notes and delicate trills, they offer young pianists a great opportunity to show off their skills on stage and during examinations. 


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Lynn Thibeau, Piano Teacher from USA

You cannot live without Lavender Haze and Star Dust! 

Swan, piano teacher in Canada

My piano students have been enjoying the pieces in this little book enormously! I love that there are many different levels in this book from elementary to intermediate levels, and the tunes are very catchy for any age! I have used the backing tracks for my budding jazz players, and it is a great exercise in keeping a beat (think a fun metronome)!

Modern Piano Studies by Jakub Metelka

Piano studies as miniature recital pieces

This album of 30 short pieces with original names and amusing illustrations by Andrea Tachezy proves that studies are in no way boring. The edition covers all the keys, with each study solving a specific technical problem while displaying its own character or even telling a little story. With their tuneful melodies and modern sound, these studies amount to miniature recital pieces!

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