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Hugely enjoyable!
International Piano magazine, UK

Piano Aliens Elena Cobb EVC Music
Improv Exercises Elena Cobb EVC Music
Birds Andrew by Higgins EVC Music
Piano Ole Heather Hammond EVC Music
Blue River Elena Cobb EVC Music
Spinning Sky Aleksandra Vilcinska EVC Music
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz Elena Cobb EVC Music
A Borders Suite for piano by Donald Thomson EVC Music
Scottish Waters Donald Thomson EVC Music
Sam Wedgwood's Project EVC Music
My Piano Trip To London Trios
Arabia Arabia Étude-Tableau Elena Cobb
Piano Collection Jevdet Hajiyev EVC Music
Russian Bells La Petite Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb
Daily Expressions 2 Paul Birchall EVC Music
Lavender Haze Elena Cobb EVC Music
Sleep Dancing Aleksandra Vilcinska EVC Music
Ballads Without Words for Piano by Heather Hammond EVC Music
Piano Waves Melanie Spanswick EVC Music
Digressions Melanie Spanswick EVC Music
Ballads Without Words 2 Heather Hammond EVC Music
Snapchats Melanie Spanswick EVC Music
Piano Magic Melanie Spanswick EVC Music
Babylon Elena Cobb EVC Music
Peacock Grande Valse Elena Cobb EVC Music
Grooves For Piano Dudes Heather Hammond EVC Music
My PIano Trip To London 1 Elena Cobb EVC Music
At The Drop Of A Hat Showstopper duet piano EVC Music

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Elena Cobb Star Prize ABRSM

From 2017, The British Federation of Festivals, EVC Music, and ABRSM are joining forces and Elena Cobb Star Prize will include a wide selection of music by modern British composers published by Elena Cobb (EVC Music Publications Ltd) and feature Piano Star books 1-3 published by the ABRSM in the SOLO CLASS Beginners to Intermediate level: up to Prep Test level, Prep test level and Prep Test level to Grade 1 level. The duets from these books are included in the DUET & TRIOS CLASS for all levels. Interested? Go to page with more exciting details and a full repertoire list >>

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Elena Cobb Star Prize Carmel Clavier Piano competition Elena Cobb Conservatory Canada Elena Cobb Pieces

Hooray, we have a new composer for jazzy tunes!
Music Teacher magazine, UK

Elena Cobb Modern Day Publisher EVC Music

The quest for interesting and inspiring music is quickly accessible within these pages.
Hats off to Elena Cobb and others listed on these pages!

Deidre L. Smith, piano teacher from Canada