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Watch my interview with Australian podcaster/educator Tim Topham and find out why I wrote my best selling piano book Higgledy Piggledy Jazz!
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Piano sheet music for piano lessons & recitals

Piano Aliens, Super Exciting Piano Scores for Late Elementary Students
Piano Recital Solos by Elena Cobb, Slow Lyrical Pieces For Intermediate Level
Mirrors by Sam Wedgwood, lyrical piece for piano
Arabia Étude-Tableaux for piano by Elena Cobb
A Hebrides Suite by Donald Thomson
Higgledy Piggledy Jazz by Elena Cobb
Lavender Haze piano by Elena Cobb
Piano Ole by Heather Hammond
Piano Waves By Melanie Spanswick

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Elena Cobb, modern day publisher

Elena Cobb Modern Day Publisher

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Elena Cobb Star Prize Sponsor of Music Teacher Magazine Editor's Choice Award
Elena Cobb Music Included in the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire List 2015
The British and International Federation of Festival has introduced Elena Cobb Star Prize to their Syllabus 2016 to increase participation of member festivals. Since 2014, EVC Music Publications Ltd are sponsoring Music Teacher Magazine Editor’s Choice Award at MusicExpo in London. The arrival of the new Conservatory Canada Contemporary Syllabus Repertoire List 2015 heralds a renewed sense of excitement and possibility for Elena Cobb music.